What other people say....

"Thinking 'out of the box' is certainly the norm for Swedish born artist and
musician Andreas Kratz.
He possesses a plurality of talents motivated by his contagious desire to bring together passionate and likeminded people seeking to share in the pursuit of excellence.
Andreas continues to align potential in performance with a genuine sense of accountability and belief in the ethos that All things are possible!."

Professor David King

Professional Conductor

 Professor Emeritus Salford University of Music

"Andreas is for me a true artist of life. His natural ability and presence is inspiring in both group and individual conversations.

Andreas basic values and liberating confidence in other people's ability to develop is superb.

The genuine leadership with the communicative straightness Andreas has, combined with a big heart, creates a liberating open atmosphere where he challenges both himself and others.

I highly recommend Andreas."

Rino Wennerholm

Organizational consultant, executive facilitator and leader developer.
Rino Senses AB

"I have had the privilege of hiring Andreas as a cultural worker in both Malung-Sälen municipality and in Mora municipality

His ability to see the bigger picture regarding the arts in general has been of great value. However, his specialty has been in managing various events; be able to plan, organize, inspire, communicate demands and provide feedback. "

Anette Åhlenius

Consultant within management development. 

Åhlenius Strateger 

"Andreas is a musician who combines, in a distinctive way, the musical intellect and deep emotion. In his performances, this genuine musicality emerges convincingly"

Torgny Hanson


"There are a few people in this world who can call themselves all these things: Conductor, trombonist, golfer, educator, farmer, fisherman, wildlife guide, chef and over all a cool guy. The difference between these people and Andreas Kratz is that he can put the word "world-class" in front of each one of those titles. Andreas is an incredibly talented guy in so many areas. The most recent time I saw him was at his cottage in the middle of nowhere in Sweden. He treated me to an incredible meal made from, and I mean it, scratch. All while talking about all of his artistic and professional adventures. In fact, it's a little bit annoying to know a guy like Andreas, the only thing I know I can do better is growing hair on my head!"

Thomas Hultén

Principal Trombone, Houston Grand Opera/Houston Ballet

"Andreas and I studied the Trombone for the same teacher, Ingemar Roos. There we both got what we needed to move on in the music world. I as a jazz musician and soloist, Andreas as a trombonist in the Gothenburg Opera's orchestra and as a conductor and it is in that role I last met him. 

Quiet, methodical and musical; that is the how I can summarize Andreas way of leading an orchestra. And I like that way!".

Nils Landgren

Trombone colleague and friend

"Andreas has a tremendous drive and dedication to everything he does and has a clear picture of how he wants it while being responsive to the thoughts and ideas of others. He has a very natural and good ability to share his vision with others and get people involved.

He finishes what he starts and it has been a real pleasure to work and music together with Andreas"

Petter Ljungholm 

Consultant in Sales and Leadership 

Passionate Tenor horn player

"My friend, colleague Andreas and I go back a number of years since we first met at Gothenburg Opera in 2006. He is among those rare musicians that take work as seriously as is necessary but at the same time has the ability to have fun doing it! Consequently this releases the finest music making possible and enables everyone around him to give of their best. As a conductor myself, I know how important these qualities are and I'm sure those lucky enough to work with Andreas will experience exactly what I mean"

Nick Davies

10 times Conductor of the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, Oslo

"I had the pleasure of working as a performer and also as a manager with Andreas. It was great to experience the way he motivates and inspires musicians of all ages, but especially young people, to work hard and to expect the very best from their performances not only as individuals but as a members of the group. Andreas is a passionate and hardworking leader, who sets clear expectations whilst always helping you to deliver more than you thought possible. His approach is professional but always humane, two characteristics that are vital if you ever want to achieve the best in music"

Iestyn Davies

CEO Colleges Wales

Andreas is one of the most contagious people I know of. 

You risk of getting one or more from these diseases:

  • Humour
  • Positive thinking
  • Great Musicality and leadership
  • Kindness

Håkan Björkman

Principal trombone of Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Teacher at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm

"Andreas is a person who spreads a lot of energy and joy around him. Several of the works I composed for concert bands I have also done for brass band version thanks to his dedication. As a conductor he always has a clear picture of what he wants to achieve and as instructor demanding but respectful. "

Jerker Johansson

Conductor, composer & arranger at Göteborg Wind Orchestra